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See how applied textiles is changing the textile world and learn more about what we offer.

Applied Textiles changing the world

Our textile engineering has always challenged the status quo. In 2015 we launched Alta™, the first and only textile technology that delivers the exact performance needed for specific applications and environments, including fire code compliance. In combination with our textile supply chain management, knowledge and education courses, and our independent, A2LA accredited testing – we have all your textile needs covered.

what we offer

Founded in 1992, Applied Textiles focuses on four core competencies.

Processing Technologies

We offer a wide range of technologies to improve the performance of textiles: performance technologies (Alta™, antimicrobials), laminations (liquid barriers, knit backing, puncture-resistant backing), coatings (acrylic backing, polyester coatings for panel systems), softeners (scouring, needle punching), and more.
More on Processing Technologies.

Knowledge & Education

Applied Textiles offers CEUs (The History of Performance Textiles & Science by Design), facility visits, and tours to provide our customers with a higher level of education and understanding of textiles.
More on knowledge & education.

Independent Testing

We are North America’s largest independent A2LA accredited textile testing lab (certificate 3193.01) for the commercial and residential interior design markets. We firmly believe that fabric performance is proven by certified testing.
More on Applied Lab.

Textile Supply Chain Management

We inspect, process, store, cut, and ship fabric for textile companies and brands such as Haworth and McDonalds. Our supply chain management systems allow our customers to meet all their textile supply chain and distribution fulfillment needs in one simple process.
More on Supply Chain Management.


Applied Textiles has four locations globally for our customer’s convenience.

• Applied Textiles North – HQ • Applied Textiles South • Applied Textiles Asia • Applied Textiles Europe

“...Thank you so much for having me out to your headquarters and taking the time to train me on all things Applied ...I was thoroughly impressed by the facilities and the people working there. I look forward to working with you all in the future!”

Kait Kennedy

Showroom Manager & Sale Support

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