alta cleaning instructions

Cleaning fabric treated with Alta is simple! Find instructions and list of safe cleaners below.

alta cleaning instructions

Alta™ provides the highest repellency to water and oil-based stains to dramatically increase the cleanability of fabrics and reduce the need for harsh cleaners. Some cleaners, if not used properly, can damage the fabric. Simply follow the Alta™ cleaning instructions. These instructions should not replace the cleaning instructions accompanying the fabric. Always follow your fabric’s recommended care instructions and use in conjunction with the below instructions.

cleaning instructions

For alta treated fabrics

Quick Spill Cleanup Demonstration

3 Hour Spill Cleanup Demonstration

for liquids beading up:

• Gently blot (don’t rub) a spill immediately with a dry, clean, absorbent cloth, paper towel, or napkin.
• No rinsing needed!

for any residual spots remaining:

• Remove any excess soil or debris from the surface. Flush soiled area liberally with warm water then blot with a dry, clean, absorbent cloth.
• Change towel surface frequently until spot is gone. Try to avoid brushing which can spread the stain; keep repeating the process until the spot has been removed.
• Repeat again by rinsing with warm water and then blot with a clean, dry cloth if needed.
• A warm water extraction machine is an excellent tool to clean soiled fabrics. Please follow the instructions on the machine for use.
• Steam cleaning can damage the fiber of the fabric and are not recommended.

for difficult or stubborn stains:

• Follow steps 1 & 2 first…then using 2-3 drops of a mild dish washing detergent with a cup of water – apply to the soiled area.
• Gently work the solution into the area, wait a minute and blot the spot with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth. Repeat until spot has been completely removed.
• After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly with warm water and blot to remove any soap residue.
• Any remaining soap not rinsed away in the fabric can cause a reoccurring stain.
• Still have a problem? Call the experts at Applied Textiles for help with any textile cleaning challenge.

laundering instructions:

• alta™ is successful in cool and warm temperatures. Extremely hot temperatures can be harmful to the fabric.
• Do not use harsh detergents or solvents
• Do not use fabric softeners
• Do not use cleaners containing oxidizers
• Let air dry or tumble dry at low temperature setting
• Ironing may be used if necessary

approved cleaning agents

alta™ has been tested against 40-50 different cleaners that fall into the three categories of cleaning chemicals used in medical facilities (Peroxides, Bleach, and Quaternary cleaners). alta™ has been resistant to all these cleaners and effective. We also have a remarkable record of no field failures in these facilities. Below are some of the cleaners alta™  is durable to.

Virox  RTU Wipes Cavi wipes XL
Virex II 256 Sani-cloth Wipes
Oxivir TB Wexcide 128
Oxycide  (Ecco lab) Oasis 146 ( Ecco lab)
TB Disinfectant (Ecco lab) Isopropyl Alcohol
10% bleach 20% Bleach
409 Zout
Hand sanitizer


*Fabrics are usually supplied with cleaning instructions that are not easy to manage. Please be aware that if there are certain cleaners the supplier does not recommend using, avoid them. Example: Bleach. alta™ repellency technology will allow you to clean fabric effectively by using steps 1 and 2 and will minimize risk of using any cleaners.
These instructions should not replace the cleaning instructions accompanying the fabric. Always follow your fabric’s recommended care instructions and use in conjunction with the above instructions.

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Alta Cleaning Instructions

List of Approved Cleaners

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