antimicrobial facts

Alta antimicrobial technologies are safe, durable, and effective against a broad variety of microbes to extend the life of products in even the toughest environments.

antimicrobial facts

Alta incorporates antimicrobial technology into its formulations for textiles in the toughest of environments like healthcare, senior living, cruise ships, outdoor, and other applications as required.
Providing a safe, durable finish that keeps textiles fresh and clean between washes, Alta combines antimicrobial technologies with excellent repellency to extend the useful life of treated materials.
Specific features & benefits of Alta’s antimicrobial include:

Zinc pyrithione active ingredients (same as store-bought dandruff shampoo). Very safe for use.

Fabric is very repellent to water and oil based liquids.

Effective against a broad range of product-damaging microbes.

No impact on softness or hand of the untreated fabric.

Able to bond with wide array of fabrics.

Non-leaching and environmentally safe.

Can achieve >99.9% bacterial reduction.

Able to withstand 75 healthcare launderings.

how durable is the antimicrobial in Alta?

The Alta™ antimicrobial technology has been tested to over 75 healthcare launderings with a 99.9% efficacy rate.

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