company history

An industry leader in processing technology, supply chain management, knowledge & education, and certified accredited testing for 30 years.

our history

Applied Textiles’ CEO, John Schroeter, founded Applied Textiles in 1992. John set out to design a proprietary enterprise system and a just-in-time delivery model to re-engineer the fabric supply chain for the office furniture industry. With a custom enterprise system that talks all things “fabric,” we manage, store, and move millions of yards of fabric every year for U.S. and international manufacturers, textile distributors, and hospitality brands.

who we are

Applied Textiles is a textile testing and technology company. We do not make or sell fabrics; we make them better and longer‐lasting with performance technologies and accredited lab testing.

our history

We started twelve years ago with nanotechnology, developing a fabric protection solution that turned the industry upside down. In 2015, we launched Alta™, the latest and greatest in textile performance technology, and award-winning at Boutique Design New York.

changing the world of textiles

We develop superior technologies because we are the only company of our kind with an independent A2LA‐certified lab (certificate 3193.01) that tests to domestic and international standards.

Applied Textiles has also placed focus on knowledge and education to provide our customers with a higher level of education and understanding of the textile world.

We have expanded strategically, offer processing in Hangzhou, China, and Prato, Italy, in addition to our two US locations.

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