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Visit & Tour Testimonials

Kwalu - Andrea Goings , Executive Assistant & Aimee Green, Account Development Representative

“First, I wanted to say thank you for the invitation. I think I can speak on behalf of Aimee when I say we learned so much about your product. The company was fascinating to learn about as well as the team. You have a wonderful team-truly.”

Brookdale Senior Living Inc. - Gail Petrzelka, Asset Management

"Good Morning - Thank you and John for the most intriguing, fascinating and fun day at Applied Textiles. We all left with many questions and very inspired to change our process to be more efficient and cost effective. I look forward to working with you, John and the team at Applied Textiles."

Innvision Hospitality, Inc. - Jason Harrington, Purchasing Manager

“Thank you for the excellent dinner, tour and education earlier this week. Grand Rapids is a beautiful city, and the City Flats Hotel staff were very accommodating and warm. The drivers, George and Tim were great. I would recommend a similar experience for your future visitors. As a technical and detail oriented type of guy, I was kept engaged throughout the presentation, especially during the measuring/testing equipment and chemistry portions. The logistics and supply chain info was even better than anticipated – I was definitely impressed. We truly appreciate the growing partnership between Innvision and Applied.”

Morgan Fabrics - Ray Lemoine, National Sales Director

“…you exceeded our expectations. All of us found the tour, product education and information very helpful. The attachments will also be very helpful as we continue to “hammer” this together. ”

AIS - Kait Kennedy, Showroom Manager & Sales Support

"Hi Wonderful Applied Textile People! Thank you so much for having me out to your headquarters and taking the time to train me on all things Applied and to teach the History of Performance Textiles CEU. I was thoroughly impressed by the facilities and the people working there. I look forward to working with you all in the future!"

Sports Addix LLC - Justin Craig, Director of Supply Chain Operations

"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks again for the great tour and for hosting us while we were on site a few weeks ago! It was awesome learning about all of the technology and processes that your team has in place that are changing the textiles industry for the better."

Fabric Innovations - Gonzalo Leon, Vice President

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the visit & your hospitality. Everyone on your team made us feel right at home. I was blown away by your capabilities and the direction/vision for the future.”

CEUs & Presentations Testimonials

Pindler - Kelli Mastro, Marketing Manager

“Thank you (John Schroeter) so much! It was wonderful meeting you and hearing you speak firsthand about Alta! We appreciate the education that you provided our staff and customers! I am going to share everything that we spoke about with the team and I will definitely be reaching out schedule more events and create co-branded marketing materials.”

Dennis Kowal Architects - Dennis J. Kowal, Principal Architect

"Informative, to the point, and some of the most fun in a goody bag we’ve seen! Thanks for a great presentation. None of us knew the problems with Scotch guard."

Pindler Philadelphia Design Center - CEU Presentation Attendee

“The technology is fascinating and I will switch to your company.”

HBG Design in Memphis - Attendee of CEU Presentation

“The process at the plant for manufacture was awesome!”

HBG Design in Memphis - Attendee of CEU Presentation

“I liked seeing the demo of alta in action.”

Team Pindler - California Attendee of Presentation

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to visit Pindler last week. The information you shared with the team was extremely inspiring and educational.”

HBG Design in Memphis - Attendee of CEU Presentation

“Very informative! Great presentation! Can’t wait to use this fabric for a client. Thank you!”

Customer Service Testimonials

Maharam Custom Studio - Priscilla Matty

“I want to say thank you as always for the amazing service everyone at Applied provides. I know that I can always rely on you all to make my job easier and to pull through and of course provide an excellent product with amazing customer service. I value our relationship.”

Fabric Innovations - Oscar Gonzalez, Logistics Coordinator

“Thank you for replying even on vacation! I appreciate everything you and everyone at Applied does for us and I hope you have an amazing New Year’s!”

AIS Western Region - Brian Gerdes, Vice President

“I wanted to thank you so much for your participation in Design Connect last night. Alta™ and the team were a big draw for AIS... It was also a good introduction of alta™ to the design community in Southern California. We almost ran out of towels. I really appreciate your support of our mutual efforts in the West. Many thanks.”

Heidi James LLC - Heidi James, Owner

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that your customer service has been amazing to work with. I had some VERY tight deadlines and found myself in a jam with regards to filling out your paperwork, understanding your services and getting my jobs completed on time. They helped me with the forms, explained the different treatment options, and rushed everything through in such a way that I was able to make all deadlines. I know you are probably aware of how great your service is, but I must say, it’s rare these days to find someone who is willing to go the extra mile while maintaining such a pleasant and positive attitude. I was just so grateful!”

Décor By Chanie - Mary Grace Leone

“You and your process has been AMAZING!!! If only all companies and representatives worked like you!! Lots of blessings!!”

Richard Ross Designs - G Angelo, Office Manager/Design Assistant

“I just wanted to let you know that you and your company, Applied Textiles, has been outstanding throughout the entire ordering process (my first with your company). Great customer service often goes unnoticed these days, so I just wanted to say I appreciate it. Thanks for all your help!”

Savel - Sallie Hall, President

“We at Savel have worked with Applied Textiles for more than 15 years and have found an extremely high level of work, along with an amazing work ethic. Within this time frame we have had only one production problem, which Applied Textiles fully stood behind and took total responsibility. This is a responsible company that performs a high level of work. We at Savel will continue to give all of our finishing business to Applied Textiles.”

Applied Lab Testimonials

Fabricut Contract - Anna Logsdon, General Manager

"Thank you for your assistance here!  I believe we are going to offer to compensate the customer for some of the costs of the original fabric and pro-rate the labor now since we would also agree that this was not an appropriate fabric for this application. They have already selected a fabric from another source, so if it fails again, it’s all on them! Thank you again for helping us out.  As always, you are a true pleasure to work with."

P/ Kaufmann Contract - Jayne Mielo, Project Manager

“I wanted to give a big shout out to Applied Lab. They figured out how to help us keep track of complicated testing needs. This helps us so much follow of our research and developments.”

American Silk - Nick Sealfer, Customer Service

May I just say you are absolutely great to work with. Applied is hands down the best; thanks again!"

Hi Temp Products of Western Canada, Inc. - Ben Gallmeyer, Sales Representative

"Thank you for your work and the work of your team at applied textiles. It was a pleasure dealing with you guys and we will definitely be contacting you again if we require any testing within applied textiles capabilities."

P/Kaufmann Inc - Jackie Solivan, Director of Operations

"Thanks! Really appreciate you doing this for us. Saved us a major headache and cost!"

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