Let's bond over chemistry. Alta™ is not toxic to humans or the environment. In fact, coffee is more toxic than Alta™.

environmental impact

At Applied Textiles, we think it is important to know chemistry and understand safe chemistry. Alta™ utilizes a customized formula that is human and environmentally compliant.

Alta™ passes EPA, Cal Prop 65, AB 2998, and EU Reach standards for safer chemistry. Specify Alta™ to increase the life cycle of fabrics and furniture, make fabric easy to clean, eliminate harsh cleaning products and enjoy permanent water and oil-based stain repellency.

let’s bond over chemistry

Alta™ is made of 95% water and 5% custom solution

After treatment, there is 0.01% of an ounce of chemistry across 1 yard of fabric.

Alta™ = less chemistry + more performance

Most unbranded soil and stain resistant (SR) finishes WILL NOT repel oil and WILL NOT be permanent.


altaTM benefits

alta™ offers: alta™ is free of:
Non bio-accumulative
Rapid bio-elimination
Low acute toxicity
Low aquatic toxicity
Not a selective developmental or reproductive toxicant
Not damaging to DNA, non-genotoxic and non-mutagenic
Heavy metals

repellant coating options



stearic acid/melamine


Repels water, oil and dirt. Repels water only. Repels water only. Repels water naturally.
Can be bonded. Attracts oil and dirt. Releases formaldehyde. Holds dirt.
Engineered to do more. Used to soften. Flammable.
Improves textile life. Flammable.

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