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Alta™ Brochure
Alta™ Healthcare Brochure
Alta™ Higher Education Brochure
Alta™ Mattress Brochure
Alta™ Outdoor Brochure
Alta™ Residential Brochure
Alta™ Senior Living Brochure

Alta™ Features Handout
Alta™ Designer Chain Set
Alta™ Environmental Story
Alta™ Cleaning Instructions
Alta™Antimicrobial Sheet



PO Form Template
RMA Form
Credit Card Authorization
Trial Request Form

altaTM chain set individual application sheets

To download the individual Alta™ application info sheets, click on the application and a resource download option is available at the bottom left.

residential1 of 17

guest room seating2 of 17

food + beverage seating3 of 17

drapery4 of 17

senior living5 of 17

workplace6 of 17

healthcare7 of 17

higher education8 of 17

mattress9 of 17

top of bed10 of 17

headboard11 of 17


pillows + accessories12 of 17

outdoor13 of 17

nightclub14 of 17

IMO upholstery 15 of 17

privacy curtain16 of 17

plush17 of 17

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