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Applied Textiles’ Product Development Team has a strong focus on development and innovation. We combine trials and thorough in-house testing with accurate process documentation.

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Not all fabrics are created equal! Over the past 30 years, our Product Development team has established that not every fabric and environment should be treated the same, leading to the need for textile solution development based on fiber type, construction, and the requirements of performance based on the end application.

Trials, testing and analyzing of results, and often repeating trials for verification or improvement purposes, are important steps of development. Applied Textiles’ Product Development team focuses on understanding our customer’s needs and helping to develop performance specifications and solutions to ensure success.


Trials are an important part of the development process at Applied Textiles. A trial allows our Product Development team to treat a fabric, considering a wide variety of variables, for the best possible performance outcome.

When preparing for a trial many factors are considered including, fiber/chemical content, construction, and application.

When fire code compliance or improvements to the fabric’s inherent performance (such as durability, abrasion, pilling, etc.) are required, our accredited lab assists with the testing, offering certified test results to help determine improvement and performance solutions.

Our Product Development team works relentlessly on development and research leading to a high success rate, even with very challenging requests.

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