Alta™ Luxury

Fabrics that were once considered too delicate for demanding environments can now be treated with Alta Luxury, making them suitable for all applications. This transformative technology opens up a world of possibilities, allowing designers to push the boundaries of creativity without being restricted by the limitations of the fabric.

Luxury Without Limits

In the fast-evolving landscape of interior design, there is an increasing demand for fabrics that not only exude elegance and sophistication but also offer unmatched durability and performance. At Applied Textiles, we have always been at the forefront of technological advancements in the textile industry, and ALTA™ Luxury is our latest achievement in this journey.

Key Features

Unmatched Quality and Innovation:


Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, ALTA™ Luxury fabrics include natural fibers, plushes, wovens, and piled fabrics that boast complex patterns and rich textures. These fabrics are perfect for creating sophisticated and inviting interiors that leave a lasting impression.


ALTA™ Luxury fabrics are engineered to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. Whether it’s a bustling boutique hotel lobby or a luxurious residential living room, our fabrics maintain their beauty and integrity over time.


Our innovative technology provides superior repellency against spills and stains. From wine and coffee to everyday mishaps, ALTA™ Luxury fabrics are designed to repel liquids and prevent stains, making maintenance effortless.


Safety is a top priority, and ALTA™ Luxury fabrics meet stringent fire code regulations without compromising on style or comfort. Our textiles provide peace of mind, ensuring both beauty and safety in every application.


We are committed to sustainable practices. ALTA™ Luxury fabrics are produced with environmentally friendly processes, ensuring that luxury and responsibility go hand in hand.


Understanding the unique needs of our clients, Alta Luxury is designed to accommodate small runs with low minimums, making it incredibly flexible

Discover the Alta™ Luxury Experience

Superior Softness and Enhanced Feel

Alta™ Luxury fabrics not only stay luxuriously soft, but their texture is beautifully enhanced, offering an exquisite touch for plush, velvets, and chenilles.

Unmatched Stain and Dirt Repellency

Enjoy incredible protection against stains, dust, and dirt, ensuring your fabrics look pristine and elegant for longer.

Enhanced Durability

With Alta™ Luxury, experience improved pilling and abrasion performance, giving your fabric and furniture a longer life and maintain their beauty.

Improved Stability and Reduced Puddling

Expect better stability and reduced puddling, making your fabric look consistently tailored and well-maintained.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is simple with Alta™ Luxury. Simply blot stains with a clean absorbent cloth. If needed, dampen the cloth with warm water and gently clean the fabric surface. The advanced repellency of the fabric makes maintenance effortless.

Certified Performance Testing

Experience peace of mind with additional fabric testing for enhanced performance and required fire codes at the accredited Applied Lab

Discover the unparalleled performance and convenience of Alta™ Luxury today!

Luxury Applications


Luxury Residential Yachts
Commercial Interiors
Boutique Hotels
Luxury Resorts Senior Living
Country Clubs Restaurants
Public Spaces Ballrooms
Guestrooms Suites
Places of Worship Theaters
Nightclubs Casinos
Cruise Ships