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Gain valuable textile knowledge and education to guarantee informed, knowledgeable textile decisions so your fabric performs as beautifully as it looks.

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Knowledge drives innovation and enables anyone who deals with textiles to make the smartest decisions about textile choices for their projects and programs.

To that end, we offer many ways to learn about performance technologies and how they perform in the real world. We regularly host on-site seminars and tours of our plant and textile testing lab.

Applied Textiles offers CEUs and other presentations related to textiles to provide our customers with a higher level of education and understanding of the textile world.

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Online courses are now available

We are happy to offer our courses online.

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History of Performance Textiles

An informative, practical, and fun trip through the history of performance textiles. Participants will be able to distinguish the difference between textile technologies and make the best decisions when specifying for their projects enabling the creation of products that are both beautiful and enduring.

The course is accredited with the IDCEC, IIDA, ASID & IDC. This program is registered for 0.1 CEU value and listed under the IDCEC class code: 103910-R2
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Science by Design

Take a deeper dive into the chemistry behind performance textiles. Learn why there is so much talk about “safe chemistry” in our market and arm yourself with the knowledge to speak into the conversations with scientific data and confidence.

The subject of this CEU is Technical Knowledge and Textiles. It is registered for 0.1 CEU value and listed under the IDCEC class code: 107419-R1
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Design and Protect: Work From Home Safety Act Discussion

We will discuss what Cal TB 117-2013 is and why it has been implemented by the CPSC as a Federal mandate, the importance of accredited testing, solutions for residential fabrics that do not comply with Cal TB 117-2013, safety information regarding FR chemistries, and fibers that will and will not pass Cal TB 117-2013. After completing this one-hour CEU, you will be educated on what your fabric will be required to endure and why the Cal TB 117-2013 test is so critical.

The subject of this CEU is Code and Standards. It is registered for 0.1 CEU value and listed under the IDCEC class code: 114228
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Introduction to Applied Textiles

Get a behind the scene look at Applied Textiles and the history behind our 30-year-old company.

Global Pandemic and Interior Textiles

Join us to discuss the latest revelations on the contagious nature of COVID 19 and interior textiles. Learn why our interior environments are critical to getting people back to work and travel. Your team will receive critical information required to discuss textiles and textile finish technologies during these challenging times.

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