we are troublemakers and problem solvers.


Applied Textiles is a restless, relentless, 25-year-old textile technology company that lives by a single guiding principle: just because something has always been done one way doesn’t make it right. We live to challenge the status quo.

Ten years ago, we harnessed the power of nanotechnology for the commercial interiors market and developed a fabric protection solution that turned an entire industry upside down. We embraced science and took our textile testing to a new level by building our own independent, A2LA accredited lab (certificate 3193.01) that put our own ideas and formulas through testing so rigorous we redefined industry standards for performance. And now, we’ve introduced Alta—a whole new idea in textile protection that spells trouble for stains, flames, punctures and our suddenly outdated competition.


McDonald’s Case Study

McDonald’s came to us with a unique challenge. As they began to redefine their restaurant experience, McDonald’s was incorporating different materials to meet their customers’ expectations. However, McDonald’s could not find the right product or a supplier to properly test the wear and tear their textiles faced each day. Then they discovered Applied Textiles.

We began by closely observing some of McDonald’s busiest locations and investing in the kind of equipment that could simulate their exact environment. Our independent lab then developed a battery of tests every product had to pass to become approved. We used these test results to find the right manufacturing partners, bringing our processing know-how to bear. The end result was the Evolve product. Supported by our supply chain capabilities, Evolve always meets the highest quality standards and McDonald’s can get the material anytime they need it, in any quantity, across the entire U.S. Today, McDonald’s is loving its new seating surfaces and the partner that made it possible.

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Core Competencies Utilized

  • Education
  • Independent Testing and Certification
  • Processing Technologies
  • Textile Supply Chain Management