textile supply chain and distribution services

Applied Textiles' innovative Textile Supply Chain Services offer solutions for all-in-one supply chain management and distribution fulfillment.

textile supply chain and distribution services

Our proprietary enterprise system stores, processes and moves millions of yards of fabric every year. Whether you’re a small distributor without the capacity or funding to support your system, a large company that’s run out of capacity, or an international company looking for distribution in the U.S., we can handle the job. Even better, you get the same unsurpassed service whether it’s 5 yards, 50 yards, 500 yards, or even a sample.

Applied Textiles operates advanced textile distribution and finishing operations in all our locations. Textile companies, furniture companies, brands, and owners use Applied Textiles to inspect, process, store, cut, and ship their products worldwide. We enable the best textile products to reach the market seamlessly with the following services:

    • Textile Warehousing/Material Handling
    • Inventory Management
    • Import/Export
    • Textile Distribution including Full Roll, Exact Yardage, and Samples
    • Finishing and Lamination
    • Quality Management
    • Product Development Services
    • Certified Testing on Location
    • Custom Packaging and Labeling
    • Logistics and Freight

Textile Supply Chain Management and Distribution Fulfillment Services through Applied Textiles are customized to each client’s requirements.

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