we make specifying easy

Alta™ is engineered to provide the exact protection required based on the needs of the environment.

different environments have different requirements

We make specifying Alta™ simple by including all of the performance requirements suited to each specific environment, eliminating the guesswork. You tell us where the fabric will be used and we will ensure it performs to the conditions of that application. For specific answers to Alta™ questions see our FAQ.

Alta™ environments


For the hospitality environment turn to Alta™ for the exact, permanent protection and fire code compliance needed in any application; whether seating, dining areas, mattress, drapery, and more.
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Healthcare environments have high-performance requirements that shouldn't limit the fabrics being selected. Alta™ focuses on providing the exact protection required while maintaining beauty and softness.
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food service

Frequent spills of food and beverages can be one of the biggest challenges of the food service industry and Alta™ is here to help with the exact protection needed.
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senior living

Alta™ allows beautiful fabrics to be specified for senior living while meeting the specific requirements of the environment, including fire code compliance, liquid barrier where needed, and antimicrobial.
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higher education

With wear and tear on seating, frequent spills, and the fast pace of the higher education environment, fabric's cleanability and performance are key – Alta™ is here to help!
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Work environments should be beautiful and functional. Alta™ offers the exact, permanent protection needed to hold up to the real-life demands of the workplace.
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cruise ship

Alta™ cruise ship offers protection for high traffic areas, IMO fire code compliance, easy cleanability, durability, and more so beautiful fabrics stay beautiful for years to come.
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With Alta™ nightclub the party can go on! Alta™ nightclub offers stiletto-proof backing, easy cleanability, and many other benefits to provide the best protection while maintaining beauty.
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Don't let pets, kids, or real-life impact the beauty of your home! Alta™ Residential protects the beautiful, luxurious fabric that makes a home feel like home.
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