Global Pandemic and Interior Textiles

November 17, 2020 | Blog Post

Global Pandemic and Interior Textiles

Applied Textiles has introduced a new course called “Global Pandemic and Interior Textiles”. Discussing the latest revelations on the contagious nature of COVID 19 and our interior environments is the purpose of this course. This course covers many topics, including moisture vapor, apparel, antimicrobials, the healthcare environment, and new textile applications.

COVID 19 has been transmitted between people through moisture vapor that flows during a conversation or cough, which is why social distancing and high-quality masks has been so important during the pandemic. Along with social distancing and masks, people have also been more interested in purchasing apparel that is as repellent as possible, this is where antimicrobials come into play. For example, surgical gowns for the medical community are highly repellent because we don’t want those materials bringing bacteria or pathogens into the operating room and they do not want blood and other fluids being able to penetrate the gowns. Antimicrobials are also used in many performance and active wear clothing brands, that people wear every day.

Vertical textile applications are a new design in the workplace that will most likely be adapted quickly and long term as people implement social distancing regulations in their space. This design will allow for spaces to be separated with hanging fabric walls, which will allow for people to be able to easily communicate but still stop moisture vapor from traveling.

For a more in depth look into our Global Pandemic and Interior Textiles course please contact to schedule a time to view the presentation. (This course is not CEU accredited).



Vertical Textile Application at Neocon 2019

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