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March 31, 2020 | About Applied Textiles

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We are offering two different online CEU courses so you can learn from home. PJs are welcomed.

“Science By Design”

This CEU dives deeper into the science behind performance textiles. Explaining the difference between various applications, their health and environmental impact, providing you with scientific facts and data that will enable you to choose the best and safest performance technology.

“History Of Performance Textiles”

An overview of the development of textiles and their evolution as the human expectation for textile performance has changed. The story begins with the development of apparel and continues through the development of chemical treatments to today’s performance textiles. Learn how we ended up with the technologies we have and the various brands on the competitive landscape.


For more information or sign up contact Micki Martin at or 616-559-6100 ext. 116.

CEU credits are available for attending these courses. Visit the Knowledge and Education page.

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