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What is alta

Environmental Impact / Health

Cleaning Alta Treated Fabrics

Fire Codes

Fabric Suitability & Requirements

Durablock®/ Liquid Barrier / Moisture Barrier


What is alta

What is Alta?

Alta™ is the latest water-based high-performance technology that repels both water & oil based stains. It is the only technology that is engineered to provide the correct level of protection for each application (environment) that it is specified in to include fire code compliance. Launched in 2015, Applied Textiles has processed well over 1.5 million yards with Alta™ to date.

Is Alta permanent?

Yes, the Alta™ technology is bonded permanently to the individual fibers with a covalent bond, it will not wear off or wash off. Alta™ is durable to spot cleaning, commercial laundering and dry cleaning.

How does Alta achieve its repellency?

The Alta™ technology changes the surface energy of the fiber to repel water and oil-based stains. Detailed Explanation: Fluorspar is the 13th most common mineral on earth and fluorine is extracted from it, which is the basis of the chemistry that makes up Alta™. Fluorine is the smallest and most electromagnetic atom on the periodical chart and is inert, so it does not create a reaction and is safe for the body. That is why people do not have allergic reactions to Alta™. What we are doing is changing the magnetic polarity of the fabric by impregnating and bonding the chemistry into the fiber.

How is Alta different?

• Alta™ is designed for each application ensuring the correct level of performance and fire code compliance.
• Alta™ uses more water and less chemistry than competitors and provides exceptional repellency performance to water and oil-based stains.
• Alta™ improves abrasion, pilling, seam strength, and fraying for upholstery.
• Alta™ is designed to permanently bond to natural and cellulosic fibers.


• Alta™ extends the life of the fabric, lowering landfill utilization.
• Alta™ obsoletes the need for FR topical treatments
• Alta™ improves cleanability, eliminating the need for harsh cleaning agents.

What is the difference between Alta and generic stain finishes?

Most generic stain finishes are topical, temporary, and will wash or wear off. Alta™ is bonded permanently to the fiber and will last the life of the fabric. Unbranded soil and stain can often make fabrics burn, Alta™ does just the opposite making fabrics meet the correct fire code. Unbranded soil and stain finishes do not make any claims to efficacy while Alta™ displays each level of benefit. Our competitors’ technologies are designed to provide the same level of performance on a fabric no matter the end environment, which leads to over engineering fabrics, higher cost, and fabrics under performing based on the demand of the environment.

Environmental Impact / Health

Is Alta environmentally friendly?

Yes, Alta™ meets CAL Prop 65, the EPA and the European Union’s REACH standards for safe chemistries. Alta™ is water based and uses less chemistry than competitor products. Alta™ does not contain PFOS, PFOA, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates. Visit the Environmental page for more.

Is Alta bad for my health?

No, Alta™ is not toxic to humans or the environment. In fact, coffee is more toxic than Alta™.
• Alta™ will not bio-absorb
• Alta™ is non-carcinogenic
• Alta™ does not bio-accumulate
• Alta™ is not bio-persistent
• Free of any solvents, VOCs, PFOA, PFOS, Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals or Phthalates


• Non bio-accumulative
• Rapid Bio-elimination
• Low acute toxicity
• Not a selective developmental or reproductive toxicant
• Not damaging to DNA, non-genotoxic and non-mutagenic
• Complies with EPA, CAL Prop 65 and REACH standards
• Does not migrate or “off-gas.”

Cleaning Alta Treated Fabrics

How do I clean a fabric that has been treated with Alta?

Alta™ technology enhances the cleanability of fabrics and reduces the need for harsh chemical cleaners. Clean up is a breeze: Liquid spills can be immediately removed with a dry cloth. Oily stains might require an additional rinse with clean, warm water. At most, you might need a diluted solution of water and dish soap to lift any stubborn stains. With every spill and cleaning, the technology remains bonded to the fibers of the fabric offering undetectable stain repellency for the life of the fabric. Alta™ cleaning instructions available.

Can you treat a bleach cleanable fabric with Alta?

Yes, Alta™ will not affect the properties of a bleach cleanable fabric.

Has Alta been tested with healthcare cleaners?

Yes, healthcare environments use three families of cleaners: quaternary cleaners, bleach cleaners and peroxide. Alta™ has been tested and is durable to all of these types of cleaners. See the Alta™ cleaning instructions for list of cleaners.

Fire Codes

Does Alta meet fire codes for various applications?

Yes, Alta™ is designed to meet the fire codes as long the fabric is suitable for commercial applications. For example, a fabric with a content of 100% cotton may not be appropriate for drapery in a commercial environment (dimensional instability and sagging concerns) and may not pass the NFPA 701 fire code. Consult with your account manager to determine suitability.

Fabric Suitability & Requirements

What if a fabric already has a finish on it. Can I add Alta?

Yes, Alta™ can be applied over all finishes. Alta™ provides these fabrics with a more durable and permanent repellent to water and oil-based stains.

Are there any fibers you cannot treat with Alta?

We can process 98% of all textiles, but in order to do so, we need to know the fiber content of the fabric. We will not run an order without knowing the fiber content. If you should have a question about a specific fabric or fiber content, please contact your account manager or call the Alta™ Hotline at 866.891.6266 and we will review your fabric specification with you.

Can you treat coated fabrics?

Presently, we cannot treat vinyls, polyurethanes or leathers with Alta™.

What is the minimum yardage needed to treat with Alta?

We ask for 5 yards to maintain pattern and weave alignment. Special accommodation can be made by contacting your account manager.

Can Applied Textiles work with wide width fabrics?

Yes, we can handle fabrics from 25” to 155” wide. Please contact your account manager or see Locations & Capabilities for width capabilities by facility.

Durablock®/ Liquid Barrier / Moisture Barrier

Since Alta provides repellency, why do I need a liquid barrier?

Liquid barriers are critical to keeping high use areas clean and to keep stains from being pushed below the surface of the fabric and into the cushion. We would suggest using liquid barriers for food and beverage areas, healthcare and senior living environments and other areas where constant cleaning is required. Our proprietary liquid barrier is called DuraBlock® and is very durable to cleaners including bleach and other healthcare cleaners.

Can DuraBlock® be used for upholstered cushions?

Yes. Please note; DuraBlock® allows for water vapor transfer but is not air permeable; fully upholstered cushions with DuraBlock® will require venting (a zipper is an adequate vent).


What is the antimicrobial used in Alta applications?

We add a durable antimicrobial that is effective against not only bacteria and microbes but also effective against mold, mildew and fungi. Our Antimicrobial technology is a zinc-based chemistry, is non-ionic and highly compatible with the repellency properties of Alta™.
• Non-leaching & Environmentally safe
• Can achieve >99.9% bacterial reduction
• Effective against bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew
• Able to withstand 70 industrial launderings

How durable is the antimicrobial in Alta?

The Alta™ antimicrobial technology has been tested to over 75 healthcare launderings with a 99.5% efficacy rate.

Can Alta be specified without antimicrobial?

Yes, any Alta™ application that includes antimicrobial can be specified without it if the client prefers not to have it included.

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