Requirements for Update to Cal TB 117-2013

As of June 25th, 2021, all residential and contract upholstered products must comply with Cal TB 117-2013.

The Applied Textiles team is here to ensure you understand what this change may mean for your business and the requirements needed to be compliant. Our previous blog (found here) outlined key information regarding this new federal FR code change. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which is in charge of enforcing the standardized fire code, has released additional information noted below that more clearly outlines the new Federal mandate.

  • All residential and contract upholstered furniture manufactured, imported, or reupholstered on or after June 25th, 2021 must pass Cal TB 117-2013.
  • This mandate will not apply to outdoor furniture.
  • Throw pillows that are sold with a piece of upholstered furniture will be required to comply with Cal TB 117-2013. However, if a throw pillow is sold separately from the furniture, it will not be required to comply as it is considered a “bedding product”.
  • All residential and contract furniture will be required to include a permanent label that states “Complies with the U.S CPSC requirements for upholstered furniture flammability.
  • The compliance date for the labeling requirement is June 25th, 2022. The CPSC advises that additional information regarding label size and font is forthcoming.
  • Upholstered furniture products in inventory or in the field before June 25th, 2021 are exempt unless the CPSC finds any such product is so highly flammable that it is dangerous to the consumer.
  • Fabric in inventory that is manufactured prior to June 25th, 2021 must comply with Cal TB 117-2013 because the fabric will be applied to furniture manufactured on or after the June 25th, 2021 furniture compliance date.
  • To ensure products are in compliance with Cal TB 117-2013, it will be the responsibility of the furniture manufacturers. This responsibility also lies with the textile retailers, wholesalers, and importers to ensure products that they sell meet all requirements.

Please email or call 1-616-559-6100 with any questions you may have. As more information becomes available we will keep you updated.

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