performance technology

alta delivers the exact performance needed based on the environment, eliminating the guesswork.

alta changes everything. everwhere.


Alta is engineered to provide the highest level of performance for each environment. Find out how simple it is to specify alta for your fabric and have the peace of mind that your materials will perform for years to come.
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alta plush

Do you love plush and velvets but also want performance? For the first time in the industry, Alta Plush offers performance technology for plush products without flattening or crushing. Don't limit yourself, choose Alta Plush.
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Do you have questions about Alta? Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about Alta, including fire code compliance, environmental impact, cleaning information, antimicrobial, suitability and more.
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Are you interested in the environmental impact of Alta? We believe it is important to know chemistry and understand safe chemistry. Find more information on the environmental impact of Alta. After all, it is less toxic than a cup of coffee.
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alta applications

Alta is a textile technology that revolutionizes how people think of fabric protection. Alta is the first and only technology engineered to deliver the exact protection needed for specific fabric applications and environments, including fire code compliance. Click the alta applications below for details.


residential1 of 17

guest room seating2 of 17

food + beverage seating3 of 17

drapery4 of 17

senior living5 of 17

workplace6 of 17

healthcare7 of 17

higher education8 of 17

mattress9 of 17

top of bed10 of 17

headboard11 of 17


pillows + accessories12 of 17

outdoor13 of 17

nightclub14 of 17

IMO upholstery 15 of 17

privacy curtain16 of 17

plush17 of 17

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